Fring Estate

Business at The Fring Estate

A diversified portfolio of businesses which make up The Fring Estate, each with a different focus.

Anglia Wood Fuels

Anglia Woodfuels

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality precision dried woodchip from sustainable timber, allowing maximum fuel efficiency in a form that is least detrimental to boilers and chp gasifiers.



Forestry Products

Our woodland management enterprise extends to ten woods in Norfolk amounting to some 1,000 acres. We manage these woods in a sustainable way to preserve their character and nature and to avoid damaging their fauna and flora.


Long term lets

Long Term Lets

We have a number of properties available for longer term lettings at various times of the year, located within the pretty village of Fring.




The Fring Estate shoot across 1500 acres on the home estate and 750 acres of woodland nearby. guests can book driven days at Fring and walked up days and stalking within our woodland block individually or consecutively.


Views of the Norfolk countryside on the Fring Estate

Hazel Rods for Sale

We have available large quantities of pencil thin and smaller freshly cut hazel rods ideal for use in the making of baskets, garden structures and plant supports.

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Fring Inspiration

With the option to rent bikes throughout your stay, exploring the estate and the local area is a must. There’s so much to see!

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