Organic Farming at Fring

Our arable operations cover over 1000ha with both organic and conventional land and conservation schemes covering over 70% of that area.

Our focus as a business is to manage the land assets that we farm to yield sustainable long-term results through our farming systems and careful management of the soil. 2021 is the first year we farmed organically, having converted 750ha of a tenanted farm. The goal is to introduce a cropping plan that builds Soil Organic Matter while providing a natural source of fertiliser. Land that was historically unfarmed has been returned to nature through Stewardship schemes resulting in a diverse range of habitats which will bring ecological benefits to the farms.

Our conventional land is balanced with around 40% in Conservation schemes to maintain unsprayed areas that are rich in wildlife.

The farm is looking to work with the estate to provide services in the future so that we can attempt to reduce our carbon footprint and create an in-house supply chain benefitting other parts of the business.

To discuss our arable operation and opportunities, please contact our farming and conservation manager Matt England on 07985 119 583.