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The Fring Estate shoot across 1500 acres on the home estate and 750 acres of woodland within half and hours drive. Guests can book driven days at Fring and walked up days and stalking within our woodland block individually or consecutively.

Accommodation can be provided for guests along with catering both at Fring and at Bear’s Cottage which is our property located within one of our larger woodlands.

Fring Shooting

Driven Shoot

Here at Fring we lie right in the heart of North Norfolk’s shooting area forming the top of the triangle between Sandringham and Houghton Hall estates. Shooting over 1500 acres we offer a number of days with mixed drives across woodland, open fields and small coverts over rolling hills and valleys. Guests enjoy coffee on arrival, lunch and tea in the hall and elevenses at the Shepherds hut out in the field.

Days are made up of 5/6 drives and are available for 200-300 birds from late September – December.



With over 750 acres of woodland The Fring Estate can offer stalking evenings, mornings and full days including small groups. With large mixed woodlands of around 180 acres each within a 5 mile area of North Norfolk guests can expect to see Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer, Roe, Fallow and Red.

Both high seating and stalking packages are available accompanied by Sam King, the head keeper.

For further information, please follow us on Facebook at Fring Sporting or contact the Estate office at [email protected]

Fring Inspiration

With the option to rent bikes throughout your stay, exploring the estate and the local area is a must. There’s so much to see!

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