Firewood and Woodchip in North Norfolk

We supply high quality firewood logs from the stunning accredited woodlands on the Fring Estate. We are proud to sell English kiln-dried hardwood logs, available for collection from the village of Fring in Norfolk or for local delivery. We source our firewood and woodchips from our woodland managed under Forestry Commission approved plans. All our firewood and woodchips are suitable for use on multi-fuel stoves or open fires.

We can offer loose tipped loads of firewood tipped directly to your property in the local Norfolk area. Available in 1 – 3m³ loads of firewood at a loose measure. Our loose hardwood logs are a mixture of species. We can deliver firewood within North Norfolk.

For firewood deliveries, please call Matt on 07985 119583.

Firewood delivery

Hardwood Logs

All firewood and woodchips are hardwood and burn for longer than soft wood.

Stoves & Open Fires

Firewood, woodchips, and logs can be used on multi-fuel stoves or open fires.

Kiln Dried

Kiln dried on a commercial drying floor to meet the highest standards of wood for domestic use.

Locally Sourced

Sourced from our own woodlands at the Fring Estate and carbon neutral.

Local Delivery

Supplied in secure heavy-duty bags and can be delivered to the local Norfolk area.

Cost Savings

Hardwood logs last longer and burn slower for a more efficient heating solution compared to softwood, leading to savings.