August, 2023


Holiday cottages offer a unique and charming experience for travellers seeking a home away from home. However, like any accommodation option, they can come with their own set of disadvantages.

In this article, we will explore some common drawbacks associated with holiday cottages and provide practical solutions to help you make the most out of your stay.

1) Limited Space

Some holiday cottages may have limited space compared to larger hotels or resorts. This can be challenging for families or larger groups who require more room to spread out comfortably.

Solution: This potential drawback can be easily overcome by choosing your holiday cottage wisely. Look for holiday cottages that offer additional living spaces such as lofts, annexes, garden rooms or snugs. Prioritise properties with spacious outdoor areas where you can relax and enjoy nature.

2) Remote Locations

Many holiday cottages are situated in picturesque but remote locations. Whilst this sense of getting away from it all may be perfect for many holidaymakers, it may pose challenges in terms of accessibility and proximity to amenities such as shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Solution: Research the location thoroughly before booking your cottage. Consider whether you prefer a secluded getaway or if you would rather be closer to local attractions. Ensure that transportation options are available nearby if needed. Consider pre-booking a supermarket delivery for early on during your stay so you are well-stocked with all the essentials meaning regular trips to the shops are no longer a concern.

3) Self-Catering Responsibilities

Unlike hotels where meals are often provided on-site, holiday cottage guests typically need to take care of their own cooking and cleaning during their stay.

Solution: Embrace the opportunity to explore local markets and farm shops and try your hand at cooking regional dishes using fresh ingredients found nearby! Alternatively, consider booking a cottage that offers optional housekeeping services or even a local catering service so you can focus more on relaxation during your vacation.


Why not book a local caterer to prepare a special meal?

4) Limited Facilities

Holiday cottages may not always offer the same range of facilities as larger accommodations like hotels or resorts do – such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, or restaurants – limiting certain conveniences travellers might expect during their stay.

Solution: Prioritise your needs and preferences when selecting a holiday cottage. If certain facilities are essential to your holiday experience, consider searching for cottages that offer shared access to amenities, like the pool and tennis courts here at Fring, or are located near the facilities you desire.

5) Weather Dependency:

The one thing we can never rely on, particularly here in the UK, is the weather! Make sure your holiday cottage is well insulated for heating, cooling, and overall comfort throughout your stay, whatever the weather!

Solution: Check whether the cottage has proper insulation and heating/cooling systems in place to ensure comfort regardless of weather conditions. If it’s likely to be chilly, a cosy woodburner might be a nice touch. Without the baggage limitations that might come from a flight abroad, you can bring plenty of “just in case” clothes with you when you visit us at Fring, so you can get out and about come rain or shine.

Holiday Cottages for Everyone

While some holiday cottages may have their disadvantages, we think choice of cottage is everything. With careful planning and consideration of all the factors that are important to you, we think there’s a perfect holiday cottage out there for everyone. With an open mind and creative problem-solving approach, any disadvantages can easily be overcome for a memorable holiday in a cosy home away from home.

Swimming pool at Fring Estate

Choose a holiday cottage with the facilities that are important to you.